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How to make things faster and save time:

  • Quick-dry nail polish
  • Pour ketchup fast
  • Speed-tie your shoes
  • Quickly and neatly fold your shirt or t-shirt
  • Quick-peel a banana
  • Speed-peel a potato
  • Make sorbet really fast
  • Remove shirt in a second
  • Wrap ear-phone wires tangle free
  • Quick-peel an egg
  • Chill soda quickly

Bandsaw mage

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Skill and experience at work. Though the movements may see totally random at first, they are not. So what comes out of it? Guess! It takes about two minutes.

High voltage

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” I don’t give two hoots and a holler about flying inside a helicopter. Put me outside, that’s where I want to be. On a magic carpet..”

High-voltage powerline maintenance worker – one really amazing profession. Also a good example of Faraday cage at work.

Dancing hands

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Original headline “Классный танец рук”. These peeps are pretty skilled “hand-dancers” 🙂