Domain NameChoosing a name for your website might be a bit more complicated than you think. Take a look at the following website names and try to avoid such pitfalls 🙂
Really? Do Americans Crap Metal? Well, who knows, maybe some do, but the site’s name is American Scrap Metal.
Expert Sex Change? Or perhaps Experts Exchange?
IP Wine, the website of Ingleside Vineyards can easily be misread as “I pee wine; i.e. I urinate wine”
La Drape or Lad Rape? Let’s hope it’s the first variant.
Molestation Nursery vs Mole Station Native Nursery in New South Wales.
Don’t get your hopes up just yet, it’s not ‘Penis Land’. It’s ‘Pen Island’, just pens there.
Power Genitalia? Power Gen(erators) Italia.. but seems they have changed their website address. Wise decision 🙂
Speed of Art or maybe Speedo Fart?
Therapist, can aslo be read as The Rapist
Like the previous example – Therapist Finder can also be read as The Rapist Finder.
Whore presents. Now thats interesting – do they sell presents for whores or perhaps whores as presents? As it turns out, the correct way to read this domain name is Who Represents.. What a bummer.

Some more names:,,