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Truck transporting two toilets is about to drive under a bridge which is just at this height that it will kisk the toilets off of the car.

Confucius say, “Shit happens”

There’s a separate post about differences of religious views to “how shit happens“.


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Man hangin on a cableway seat, high above the ground.

This isn't the vacation I imagined, but hey, great view here!

Is it just me, or is he doing it wrong?

Car driving through a muddy puddle, splattering all the dirty water to a unsuspecting passer-by.


This image reminds me a book, ‘So long and thanks for all the fish’ by Douglas Adams:

It was at the very moment that his fury was peaking that there loomed swimmingly in his headlights, hardly visible through the blatter, a figure by the roadside.

A poor bedraggled figure, strangely attired, wetter than an otter in a washing machine, and hitching.

“Poor miserable sod,” thought Rob McKeena to himself, realizing that here was somebody with a better right to feel hard done by than himself, “must be chilled to the bone. Stupid to be out hitching on a filthy night like this. All you get is cold, wet, and lorries driving through puddles at you.”

He shook his head grimly, heaved another sigh, gave the wheel a turn and hit a large sheet of water square on.

“See what I mean?” he thought to himself as he ploughed swiftly through it. “You get some right bastards on the road.”

Splattered in his rear mirror a couple of seconds later was the reflection of the hitch-hiker, drenched by the roadside…

A burning car, flames painted on sides and actual flames bursting from below the hood.


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Duck crashlanding on a snow-covered ice..