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Natural wool

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Billboard in the middle of a field. A sheep screwing a pig. Natural wool - keeping your ass warm since 1856.

Church of the Cross. Don't let worries kill you, let the church help. United Metodist Church. A somewhat misleading message on a billboard.

Vegan? Carnivore?

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Vegan versus Carnivore. Two ad stickers on a office board.


Text on the image is rather small, but it reads:

Vegan, vegetarian or vegan-curious? Casual, nonjudgemental support & opportunities to connect! Monthly meetups within the community. JOIN NOW!

Chances are you dont need some wimpy support group.
Keep being AWSOME!



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Today's special: "Buy one Fish & Chips for the price of two and recieve a second Fish & Chips ABSOLUTELY FREE!"

Sign on the roadside: "Not pregnant? I CAN HELP! Text: 512 649 4585