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Somebody playing on laptop computer in toilet. I can stop whenever I want. I just dont want to.

MMORPG - Simply addictive

MMORPG, who doesn’t know, stands for “Massively multiplayer online role-playing game” 😉

Level 1 Human

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A toddler with a T-shirt listing Level 1 Human stats - strength, intelligence,wiswom, dexterity, constitution.Decent stats for a noob human, dont you think? 😉


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Father drags his son to a car, boy is holding on to a computer. Dedication - Because you are too close to Level 70 to give a FUCK about visiting Grandma.

Cleric lvl 80

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Cleric, level 80. Priest is standing next to destroyed tank.

Cleric, level 80 🙂

Two office workers are playing solitaire with real cards on their workdesk.

Our computers are down so we have to do everything manually..