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Three blue twitter birds a re sitting on a branch. Fisrt says only 'Chirp! chirp!'. Second one tweets ' RT @ birdnextome chirp! chirp! << LOL #funnybirdnoises'. Third bird thinks 'wtf!??'.

Bird, sitting on a telephone line is thinking: So what's so great about being on-line?

Follow Jesus

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Jesus, sitting on a park bench is talking to a young man. No, Im not talking about twitter, I literally want you to follow me.

Domain NameChoosing a name for your website might be a bit more complicated than you think. Take a look at the following website names and try to avoid such pitfalls 🙂
Really? Do Americans Crap Metal? Well, who knows, maybe some do, but the site’s name is American Scrap Metal.
Expert Sex Change? Or perhaps Experts Exchange?
IP Wine, the website of Ingleside Vineyards can easily be misread as “I pee wine; i.e. I urinate wine” continue reading…

Annoying popups

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So, internet popups and ads are not something new..