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Skillful parenting. Woman dragging her son who's riding a bike. The boy has a collar around his neck and mom is pulling the string attached to the collar.

Kids T-Shirt..

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Slogan on T-Shirt - All daddy wanted was a blowjob.


Yes, it’s a bit cruel, but it’s also very funny if you happen to catch that kind of jokes 🙂

Pulling out…

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Photo of a large family. Pulling out: It does not always work, but condoms just dont feel "natural".

Poor kid..

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Mother in son's room - walls covered with posters 'pipe bombs made easy', 'list of people i'd like to kill', also some submachine guns hangin on the wall.

So, the lil guy plays doom, has swastica symbol wit h text ‘Die, maggots, die!!’ under it and magic number 666 written on his door. Some posters like ‘Pipe bombs made easy’ ‘List of people I’d like to kill’, Glock specification and some guns hangin on the walls.. big deal. But cigarettes? 🙂


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Parenting - Who says it hsa to be difficult?