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Feels like it’s a good beer 🙂


We all need one 🙂

Third excuse

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The college professor had just finished explaining an important research project to his class. He emphasized that this paper was an absolute requirement for passing his class, and that there would be only two acceptable excuses for being late. Those were a medically certifiable illness or a death in the student’s immediate family.
A student in the back of the classroom waved his hand and spoke up. “But what about extreme sexual exhaustion, professor?”
As you would expect, the class exploded in laughter. When the students had finally settled down, the professor froze the young man with a glaring look.
“Well,” he responded, “I guess you’ll just have to learn to write with your other hand.”


“Can you spare some change?” a beggar asks a passerby.
“No, I know you’re going to spend it all on vodka.”
“No, sir, I don’t drink.”
“Then you’ll gamble it away.”
“No, I don’t gamble either, sir.”
“Well then, you’re going to spend it on women.”
“No, sir, I don’t spend money on women.”
“Okay,” the passerby finally agrees. “I’m going to give you 100 dollars, if you come with me. I want to show my wife an example of what can happen to a man who has no bad habits!”



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Hey winter, here you are! 😉 It might hurt, but it’s so funny. Slippery.. slippery.. boom! Ah, it’s good to laugh when things like this happen to others.