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Girl wearing a T-Shirt with a slogan "don't bother, I'm not drunk yet" ..

How to make things faster and save time:

  • Quick-dry nail polish
  • Pour ketchup fast
  • Speed-tie your shoes
  • Quickly and neatly fold your shirt or t-shirt
  • Quick-peel a banana
  • Speed-peel a potato
  • Make sorbet really fast
  • Remove shirt in a second
  • Wrap ear-phone wires tangle free
  • Quick-peel an egg
  • Chill soda quickly

Level 1 Human

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A toddler with a T-shirt listing Level 1 Human stats - strength, intelligence,wiswom, dexterity, constitution.Decent stats for a noob human, dont you think? 😉

Smoking man wearing a t-shirt with text 'Rehab is for quitters'.

Smiling girl, wearing a t-shirt with text "Not everything is flat in Florida". Huge boobies.