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BB tattoo..

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For B.B. King’s birthday, his wife wanted to give him a special gift. BB already had pretty much everything a person could want: money, fame, happiness. His wife decided to get “BB” tattooed on her butt, a “B” on each butt cheek.
On the birthday night, after eating dinner and cake, she decided to show B.B. her gift. After explaining that her gift was very special, she bent over and pulled her pants down, revealing the tattoo on her butt!

B.B. put on his glasses and a yelled: “Who the Hell is BOB?”

Modern art..

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Tattoo artist drawing a not so much like a Pegasus horse on a big man's back.

Modern artists interpret and create as they wish. But this poor guy will most definately get his artsy ass kicked.

Tattoo man.