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Give a fuck o meter, shows hof much fuck is currently given.

Wireless technology

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Birds sitting on invisible telephone wires: It's a bit freaky with this wireless technology.

CD label "Microsoft world domination 99"

Microsoft, World Domination 99

Apparently Microsoft’s plans to conquer the World go far back in time 🙂 Here we can see their World Domination 99 Total Control Edition version 1.0 CD 😉

iPhone vs sTone

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Stone 40,000 BC vs iPhone 2008iPhone 3G (2008 model) is very much like a sTone (40,000 B.C. model) – no MMS, no video recording, no changeable memory cards. Still, iPhone beats rock with it’s touchscreen. 🙂

Air force soldier entering a stealth figter plane.It’s a brand new completely invisible figter jet. It’s so totally invisible, that even engineers who built it haven’t seen it. This total invisibility is also the reason why this plane has no name – it’s really hard to be sure of somethings name if you cant see it. Test pilots who flew those planes say that it’s really an experience, though the controls are really hard to locate..