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Technican in white suit tries to drag a crash-test-dummy inside a LADA sedan, but dummy REALLY does not want to go.

Crash test dummies do not like LADA. They are smarter than they look 🙂

Lada is the trademark of AvtoVAZ, a Russian car manufacturer. LADA’s, especially older models are known rot boxes and are not too secure to drive with. Poor dummy seems to be aware of that…

I spent 3 hours...

Written on the box: “I spent 3 HOURS digging this spot out. If you take it, I will spend 6 hours burrying your car in it!”

A twister hurling a car up in the clouds..

Truck transporting two toilets is about to drive under a bridge which is just at this height that it will kisk the toilets off of the car.

Confucius say, “Shit happens”

There’s a separate post about differences of religious views to “how shit happens“.

Airports are exactly as interesting as you make them or believe them to be 🙂